Jazz Education

EMIT sponsors and supports the Helios Jazz Orchestra and jazz ensembles at St. Petersburg College by underwriting concert costs, college tuition and guest artists educational workshops.

If you want to support jazz education, please consider underwriting the college fee for one or more musicians in the Helios Jazz Orchestra or the SPC Jazz Band.  Both ensembles are courses at St. Petersburg College, directed by David Manson.  The cost of one student enrolling for a semester is only $109.75 and includes 16 weeks of instruction.

This gift will assist seasoned jazz musicians who give of their time to perform with Helios and it will also help younger students enrolled in the SPC Jazz Band.  Politicians in Tallahassee have greatly effectively designated small music ensembles (like jazz bands) as "elective enrichment courses", ineligible for scholarship, Florida Prepaid & Bright Futures funds.

Your gift toward course enrollment will be 100% tax-deductable.  EMIT is a nonprofit, 501(C)(3) organization.  Please contact EMIT Director David Manson, if you wish to make a donation at mansond@spcollege.edu or by telephone at (727) 341-4363.